First Piedmont, your leader in waste disposal and removal, is striving to be your leader in curbside recycling! First Piedmont Corporation is committed to delivering affordable, curbside recycling in a way that makes it easy and affordable for you. That's why we don't require our clients to remove labels. We are also committed to making sure the materials we collect are truly recycled. We are proud to be partnered with Sonoco Recycling at their Madison Heights, VA, facility. Currently, we offer this service in the Lynchburg market only.

Reasonable Pick-Up Fee

Every other week service for just $10.65/month. That's less per week than a daily cup of coffee! If you live in the city, you should be able to save on your garbage bill, therefore making our recycling service even less expensive.

Minimal Sorting

Co-mingled newspaper, mixed paper and cardboard. Aluminum and steel cans to be bagged separately. Please be sure to put shredded paper into bags. We are not able to recycle plastic bags at this time, so please do not include them, unless using them to bag cans.

Easy To Use Roll-Out Cart

You can either purchase a cart from us: new carts are $70.00 and gently used carts are $25. It's a 95 gallon commercial grade cart on casters. You can also rent a cart from us for $1.90 per month.


If you are currently a customer, recruit your friends and neighbors and we will give you both free service for a month.

  • Strongest lid in the industry
  • Moisture/vector barrier under lid
  • Excellent wind stability
  • Standard 12" wheel (95 gal)
  • 7/8" standard solid steel axle
  • Easy in/out feature of lower bar

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